Treasure Lake Chesapeakes

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"Sam" CH Pond Hollow Going Great Guns MH "Jaguar" Treasure Lake Adele's Stalking Jaguar CGC CD "Raptor" Treasure Lake Geo's Blue Moon Raptor SH DM "Eagle" CH Treasure Lake Steve's Golden Eagle JH "Pyro" CH Crosscreek N TLC's Burning River JH "Yukon" CH Treasure Lake Jon's Yukon Gold
"Falcon" CH MACH Treasures Falcon Del Star MH MXB MXJ WDX "Amazing" CH Sandersons Lil Miss Amazin MH NA NAJ "Blink" CH Pond Hollow Arctic Ice Blink MH "Coco" CH Treasure Lake Silky Coco "Juneau" CH Treasure Lake Juneau "Violet" CH CrossCreek Purple Haze SH "Sadie" Treasure Lake Auburn Sadie JH "Red Raven" CH Treasure Lake Ray's Red Raven SH DM "Seal" CH Treasure Lake Jon's Arctic Seal JH"Kona" Treasure Lake Kona With Kream JH "Foxy" CH Treasure Lake Ray's Red Fox "Scarlet" Crosscreek N TLC's Fire In The Mist "Coyote" CH Treasure Lake Ray's Red Coyote
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"Polar" Pond Hollow Alaska of TLC JH "Bear" CH Buck Run See Buck Run CD SH WDQ "Kodiak" CH Idylwoods Northern Exposure MH WDQ "Condor" CH Treasure Lake Jon's Flying High Condor SH NA NAJ "Glacier Bay" CH Pond Hollow N TLC's Glacier Bay NAP NJP MH WDQ** "Tigger" CH Safe Harbor Treasure Lake Geo WDQ MH** "Red Hawk" CH Treasure Lake Ray's Red Hawk SH OA OAJ"Who" CH Treasure Lake Steve's Night Owl SH "Diablo" Treasures Diablo Santiago JH

  Accepting reservations for litter due end of February. 

CH Treasure Lake Jon's Yukon Gold CA JH  &  CH Treasure Lake Ray's Red Raven DM SH.

See breeding plans page for more info on them.

Treasure Lake Ray's Red Vixen finished her Championship title on January 28, 2018 with four, four point majors and three Best Of Breeds over specials.  She finished in four shows, two weekends.  The fastest I've ever finished a champion, that record doesn't happen often in shows.

Treasure Lake Big Whiskey finished his Championship on January 27, 2018 with best of winners.  Congratulations to his co owners Angela and Pat Brainard.

Treasure Lake Ray's Red Woof finished his Championship on 12-9-2017

Treasure Lake You've Got To Be Kitting finished her Championship on 12-8-2017.

Crosscreek N TLC's Fire In The Mist finished her Championship on 11-17-2017.

Treasure Lake Ray's Red Vixen finished her Junior Hunter title on 10-2017.

Treasure Lake Jon's Yukon Gold recieved his Junior Hunting title on 7-8-2017.

Voyageurs TLC's Love The Rainy Nights finished her Championship title 4-30-1017 with four majors, 3, 4, 5, 5 points.  She also was chosen Best In Sweepstakes at the Eaton Ohio supported entry on April 30. 2017. 

I LOVE this picture. Made from 2012 photo (top 16 dogs) and 2013 photo (bottom 13 dogs).
Top row:
Sam, Falcon, Juneau, Jaguar, Violet, Eagle, Coco, Red Hawk.
Second row from top: Blink with 3 puppies, Tigger, Raptor, Raven, and Luna (Schipperke).
Third row from top: Amazing, Foxy, Sadie, Ducky, Who (Owl), Seal, Kona, Apollo, Scarlett, Holly.
Front row: Pyro, Tuber (American Eskimo), & Nittany.
(Taken by Tribecca's Treasures,

CH-MH-Trophy Kathy-n-4-dogs
Ray & Kodiak, Kathy & Glacier Bay, Bob & Tigger
Kodiak CH Idlywoods Northern Exposure MH WDQ,
Glacier Bay CH Pond Hollow N TLCs Glacier Bay MH NAP NJP WDQ**,
Tigger CH Safe Harbor Treasure Lake Geo MH WDQ**.
Kathy & Falcon, Amazing (litter sisters),
Congaree, Blink (daughter and mom).  2011.
Falcon CH Treasures Falcon Del Star MX MXJ MH,
Amazing CH Sanderson's Lil Miss Amazin NA NAJ MH,
Congaree CH/MH, clients girl,
Blink CH Pond Hollow Arctic Ice Blink MH.

American Chesapeake Club's Champion Master Hunter Trophy was earned by Kodiak, Glacier Bay and Tigger The trophy is only awarded to those dogs that complete their show ring championship and the highest level of hunt tests, the master hunter title.   The summer of 2011 (picture on the right),  Falcon Amazing, Congaree & Blink earned their master hunter titles to become 3 more Champion Master Hunters owned by Treasure Lake.

What We Do At Treasure Lake Chesapeakes.

Training Hunting Retrievers.

At Treasure Lake Kathy Heintel trains a wide variety of dogs, not just Chesapeakes. Although Kathy specializes in training Chesapeake Bay Retrievers to hunting titles, Kathy also enjoys training Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Pointers and Setters, for hunting, hunting titles, field trials, basic obedience, and to be well behaved household members.

We train show dogs as well as hunting dogs. We know how to keep your show dog fit and in ring form while field training.

We use a low pressure retrieving training method.  Dogs are obedience trained, taught to hold and force fetched, then positive reinforced for good performance.  This results in a willing and able retriever.  Even hard to train dogs can be willing and able retrievers. Our program includes obedience, ground work to start the dog handling for blinds, water retrieving, and land retrieving.  Dogs can compete for their Junior, Senior, Master hunter titles or their Field Trial titles.  Or your dogs can just be a great dog to take along on your personal hunting trips or walks to the park.

Kathy with the help of her family breeds and raises quality AKC registered Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.

The boys:

CH Pond Hollow Going Great Guns MH "Sammon" 

Treasure Lake Adele's Stalking Jaguar CD JH CGC  "Jaguar"   Lives with Dr. Adele.

Treasure Lake Geo's Blue Moon Raptor SH DM  "Raptor"  

CH Treasure Lake Steve's Golden Eagle JH  "Eagle"   Steve became an Eagle Scout on November 26, 2008 so our puppy that was born in 2008 is named for that great accomplishment.  

CH Treasure Lake Jon's Yukon Gold JH   "Yukon"

CH Treasure Lake Big Whiskey  "Whiskey"  lives with co-owners Angela & Pat.

CH Treasure Lake Ray's Red Wolf  "Woof"

Waiting on the other side of the rainbow bridge to play with us once again.

Treasures Diablo Santiago JH, "Diablo" Lives with Co-owners Ibi & Ron.

CH Treasure Lake Steve's Night Owl SH "Night Owl" or "Who".

CH Safe Harbor Treasure Lake Geo MH WDQ**  "Tigger."  One of the great, once in a life time dogs.

CH Buck Run See Buck Run CD SH WDQ  "Bear" Forever remembered in our hearts, the one who started it all, our very first AKC chesapeake.

The girls:

CH Treasure Lake Silky Coco "Coco"   living with co-owner Ibi & Ron. 

CH Treasure Lake Juneau  "Juneau"   living with co-owner Angela & Pat.
Treasure Lake's Auburn Sadie JH "Sadie"  living with co-owner Marie & Dick.

CH Treasure Lake Ray's Red Raven SH DM  "Red Raven"

CH Treasure Lake Jon's Arctic Seal JH "Seal"

Treasure Lake Kona With Kream  JH "Kona" living with co-owner Sandy & Doug.

CH Treasure Lake Ray's Red Fox "Foxy"

Treasure Lake Chillisquaque  "Chilli"  living with co-owner Kevin. 

CH Treasure Lake Ray's Red Coyote  "Red Coyote"

CH Treasure Lake You Got To Be Kitting  "Kitty"

CH Voyageurs TLC Love The Rainy Night  "Sky"

CH Treasure Lake Ray's Red Vixen  "Vixen"

Treasure Lake Ziva Cote  "Ziva"

Treasure Lake Sunrise In Wine Country  "Geneva"

Treasure Lake Downsizing, What Did We Do  "What"

Waiting on the other side of the rainbow bridge to play with us someday once again.

CH Pond Hollow Arctic Ice Blink MH, "Blink"  She found a loving retirement home but was always missed for her happy sweet disposition. 

CH MACH  Treasures Falcon Del Star MH MXB MJB WDX,  "Falcon" The first chesapeake in breed history to obtain the championship, master hunter, master of agility champion titles.

CH Sanderson's Little Miss Amazin MH NA NAJ "Amazing" Retired, living with co-owner.  One happy happy little brown girl who loved being loved.  She just wanted to make you happy.

CH Rock Points Just Show Me A Duck  "Ducky"  Ducky was always in heal position just in case you might want to reach down and pet her.  She was truly a velcro chessie.

CH Treasure Lake Ray's Red Hawk SH OA OAJ "Red Hawk" Hawk left this world with so much to still do, she's taken the wind out of my sails.

CH Treasure Lake Jon's High Flying Condor  SH NA NAJ  "Condor".  She always looked up and made eye contact when handing you the bird to say, "look what I found for you Mom, aren't I a good girl". 

CH Pond Hollow N TLC's Glacier Bay NAP NJP MH WDQ**, "Glacier Bay"   Remembered for her gentle grace and loving style and her independent spirit.   She will be missed but will live on in her daughters and sons.

CH Idylwood's Northern Exposure MH WDQ "Kodiak"  Remembered by all the hunters who borrowed her to go hunting and as Ray's only dog out of the group.

Pond Hollow Alaska TLC  JH "Polar"   Remembered for her Chesapeake antics that made us smile.

Check out everyone's page for more information on them. 


(Falcon's Mr. Black 2008)
Puppy reservation form

We breed for great temperaments, sound health, train-ability, and conformation.  Our puppies are competing and receiving their titles in conformation, obedience, agility, hunting and field trials.  Treasure Lake breeds one to three litters per year during the winter months so that we can spend 24 hours a day with the puppies to develop them to their fullest potential.  You receive a puppy that has been evaluated by three different people for skills, conformation, and temperament.  The puppies have been introduced to birds, water (if possible), children, car rides, new and different environments, handicapped and elderly.  Puppies are raised in the office and family room with many people coming to visit and play with the puppies.  Puppies are handled from the first day and worked with on an individual basis throughout the 8 weeks they stay with us.  Puppies travel in the car on a weekly basis visiting nursing homes, training facilities or other homes, where ever we go they go.  Our puppies come with written guarantees and a lifetime of help and placement if for some reason you can't keep your valued family member.  Puppies will be micro chipped, and registered with the AKC.  Puppies are wormed on a regular basis.  Puppies are vaccinated with their first set of shots, dew claws are removed.  We only breed after researching both pedigrees, temperaments and abilities of the two dogs and their offspring and always plans on keeping one of the puppies for our breeding program.  We believe that Chesapeake Bay Retrievers should be dual titled dogs with titles at both ends of their names and well as valued members of your family. 

References for training and breeding are available upon request.



Kathy Heintel & foundation bitch
Pond Hollow N TLC's Glacier Bay
1998 - 2011

Foundation stud: CH Safe Harbor Treasure Lake Geo  MH WDQ**

Key Benefits To Having Your Dog Trained By Us.

Low Pressure Training Program.

Program designed for you and your dogs needs.

Dogs progress through the program at their own pace.

Well behaved dogs.

Willing and Motivated Retrievers.

Conformation dogs are kept in ring ready condition.

Key Benefits To Buying a Puppy From Us.

Parents are titled at both ends of their names, beauty and intelligence.

Parents have health clearances. 
We test for OFA hips & elbows at age two, CERF eye exams yearly, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Exercise Induced Collapse, Degenerate Myopathy.

Puppies have personalities that are easy to get along with and train.   

Puppies are handled daily and love being with people.

Puppies are taken outside on a regular basis for potty training.

Puppies have a health guarantee and their first set of shots.

Puppies have been micro chipped and registered with the AKC.

Puppies are hand picked for your specific reservation needs.


Contact Information

If you would like additional information, please call or e-mail us.

Cell Phone 440-724-6677.

Address:       Kathy Heintel

                      Treasure Lake Chesapeakes

                     4374 Austin Road

                     Geneva, OH  44041-7711

E-mail: (the best way to contact me or text cell phone)

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Enjoying the pond on hot summer day.