Treasure Lake Chesapeakes

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Training program:

    I started training my husband Ray's Chesapeake Bay Retriever with Bob Reckart because after working with Bob, Ray got busy at work and couldn't continue the lessons.  So I took over Bears lessons.  After working through several typical Chesapeake problems with me, Ray tried to run Bear in a test and it back fired, Bear wouldn't work for Ray.  So I ran him in his next test and Bear passed.  I continued Bears training through senior hunter.  I got Ray another Chesapeake since Bear wouldn't work for him any more, Glacier Bay.  After training Glacier Bay, the same thing happened, she wouldn't work for Ray.  I was having fun learning from Bob and running "Ray's" dogs at tests.  Then came along Kodiak, Ray decided since I had stolen his first two dogs that Bob would do all the training on Kodiak.  That left me without something to do since Glacier Bay achieved her master hunter title.  I started taking friends dogs to train for fun.  I then found Polar, she was tons of fun to work with, but never went past her junior hunter title because of a small little tic and an incurable disease.  Again back to training friends dogs.  Those friends then started to pay me for my training.  Bob started taking in more work then was humanly possible to get done in a day and I started working full time with him to get those dogs trained.  Still having a great time working with so many different personalities and talents.   Before I knew it I started taking dogs home and training daily with Bob.  People other than my friends started sending me dogs.   A career was born.  Since I've had many great years working with Bob, training dogs.
    My degree from Ohio State University is actually in Race Horse Training and Breeding Horses.  I've owned many horses and competed in western riding, english riding and jumping.  I worked for a public riding stable for close to 15 years taking care of the horses and giving lessons.  So wasn't hard to take what I learned from college and transfer it to dogs.  I've always owned horses and dogs and trained my own dogs for obedience and conformation showing.  Over the years I've read numerous books on training, breeding, genetics, behavior, conformation and just about anything else I can get my hands on in the dog world.
    Ray and I both enjoy hunting for waterfowl and deer.  I train dogs during the summer months and breed my chesapeakes during the winter months.   . 


At Treasure Lake Kathy Heintel trains a wide variety of dogs, not just Chesapeakes. Although Kathy specializes in training Chesapeake Bay Retrievers to hunting titles, Kathy also enjoys training Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Pointers and Setters, for hunting, hunting titles, field trials, basic obedience, and to be well behaved household members.

We train show dogs as well as hunting dogs. We know how to keep your show dog fit and in ring form while field training.

We use a low pressure retrieving training method.  Dogs are obedience trained, taught to hold and force fetched, then positive reinforced for good performance.  This results in a willing and able retriever.  Even hard to train dogs can be willing and able retrievers. Our program includes obedience, ground work to start the dog handling for blinds, water retrieving, and land retrieving.  Dogs can compete for their Junior, Senior, Master hunter titles or their Field Trial titles.  Or your dogs can just be a great dog to take along on your personal hunting trips or walks to the park.